Instructor Lead Training: Workshops and Bootcamps

Our cloud architectural experts not only consult with some of the largest companies in the world, we also disseminate our knowledge to you with articulate precision by creating comprehensive education curriculums and teaching them, by drawing from broad experience of architecting and delivering many large-scale production clouds over the past decade. Some people say that “those who can’t do, teach.” Like all generalizations, that may be true of some, but our experts do not fit that stereotype.

Our face-to-face, in-depth training teaches you the core elements of cloud architecture. Learn from seasoned industry experts who provide customized instruction tailor made for cloud architects and DevOps engineers. Instructor led, intensive workshops prepare you for the next phase of network engineering.

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Why choose our in-person workshops and bootcamps?

  • Receive direct feedback from trainers.
  • Interact and network with fellow learners.
  • Enjoy access to instructors throughout the event.
  • Benefit from a balanced, hands-on approach to learning:
    • 50% lab, 50% lecture in 1- or 2-day workshops
    • 70% lab, 30% lecture in 3- or 4-day bootcamps
    • 80% lab, 20% lecture in 5-day bootcamps

Unlock your brilliance with personalized training.

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