As with every industry, technology solutions are taking over the legal field. Although many in the legal industry are reluctant to embrace these changes, it is undeniable that legal technology will go hand in hand with law in the years to come. Advances in tech, especially when it comes to the management of a document, are not just inevitable— they are desirable, bringing with them numerous benefits for both your law firm and your clients.

With the right tech tools and professionals at your disposal, you will be able to work more efficiently and be connected and accessible to your clients in ways never before possible. Business people and lawyers discussing contract papers sitting at the table. Concepts of law, advice, legal services, legal and judgment concept

Great hardware management and support, however, requires an IT consultant. This necessity can become a huge drain on your bottom line. Furthermore, your day to day IT needs may be larger or more complex than a single employee can easily handle. But of course, an entire IT team requires an even larger expenditure.


Why IT Consulting Solutions Are Perfect For Legal Services

It’s easy to assume that law firms won’t benefit much from professional IT services—when in reality, law firms are one of the businesses that greatly benefit to it! Here are some of the more common advantages of having professionals around!

World-class IT services and technology at your disposal

Hiring a single IT in-house team to maintain all your technology will get you a jack of all trades with general experience solving general IT problems. By outsourcing IT consultant or support, you, in essence, hire an entire team of professionals that can handle just about everything you need—from compliance in data security down to hardware support.

Not only will they help you in technology and data management, but they’ll also be on speed dial for tech support. Should anything happen to your firm’s hardware or legal technology, they’ll immediately be there for help!

Gain a competitive advantage

Law technology, or technology in general, changes fast. New updates, tools, and software emerge every day. While your in-house IT may struggle to keep abreast of the latest offerings, a full service IT consultant has the resources to evaluate new technologies as they arrive, and help their clients when those new technologies are an improvement over what is currently being employed.

New security threats appear with increasing regularity. While your single in-house IT may not have the time to follow rumors and chatter regarding imminent threats, a full-service provider will have a team of professionals dedicated to watching for trouble and proactively working to strengthen your firm’s networks and keep your data safe.

In either case, it’s the law firms that are quickest to adapt and raise their cybersecurity defenses when necessary, that will thrive while everyone else plays catch up. Compliance IT legal would help you improve efficiency from maintaining data security to even document management.

Reduce your business operations

Outsourcing IT consultants will make your legal firm more profitable in many ways. First and foremost, you’ll get that highly specialized team of experts for a small fraction of the costs of hiring that many employees to work for you full time.

Outsourcing your IT needs will save money on training. Technology advances rapidly, so your IT staff will require ongoing training and certifications to stay at the top of their game, and that costs money (and time). Hiring a legal IT consultant means that you will get highly trained experts with no extra expenditure.

You’ll have predictable costs

With a managed service provider, you will know what you can expect to pay every month. When you employ your own IT staff and host your own data, if something gets broken, you’ll pay more.

Improved reliability

If you can’t be reached because your server can’t forward messages, you are going to lose clients; can’t be found by a potential client because your website is down? you are leaving money on the table. If your network goes down while you’re cramming for that important trial, and you suddenly can’t access your online library, you might as well call the opposition and concede.

A legal technology consultancy will keep your network running smoothly, ensuring that both you and your critical data and systems are always accessible.

You’ll keep your law firm compliant in security software

You need to keep your clients’ data safe. This is not only best practice; it is the law. However, securing valuable data is a complex process. And servers where lawyers host data are attractive to cybercriminals. Which is exactly when an outsourced IT firm comes in so handy.

More time for productivity and more opportunities to scale up

Counselling and giving advice and prosecutions about the invasion of space between private and government officials to find a fair settlement. You became a lawyer because you wanted to provide legal services, not because you wanted to deal with all the secondary support tasks. 



At Lumos, we specialize in legal IT services for the legal industry. If you want to increase the reliability and security of your technology, keep your clients’ data safe, gain a leg up on your competition, and save money in the process, contact us to make a schedule for an initial consultation for your law firm.