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This 5 Day ACI course will bootstrap your knowledge from novice to configuring external L2/L3, Hypervisors and bare metal servers with ACI. This course will help you understand ACIs positioning in the Software Defined Network. The 5 day course will provide additional time to dig deeper into the ACI concepts.

The course covers many of the key concepts behind ACI’s application-centric infrastructure and policy-based architecture. Through a combination of lecture and hands on lab configuring the ACI solution, including configuring tenants, application network profiles (ANP), contracts, endpoints, VMM integration and how to connect the ACI Fabric to an external L2 and L3 networks, along with L4-L7 services.

The 5 day course will include hands on covering Fabric Bring up and initialization. Service Integration labs are included. Discussion with respect to Data Center to Data Center connectivity, multi-pod and multi-site.

The course will include intense hands-on labs on real physical hardware of all of the key functions of ACI. You will not share with other students during the labs. You will be provided with your own ACI Tenant, Vcenter Server, ESXi Hosts and numerous virtual machines.

The 5 day course will include automation of APIC REST API through scripting (JSON/XML). You will become familiar with using Postman and Python to configure the ACI Fabric using Visore, and API Inspector

Target Audience

It is designed for network and data center Cloud Systems Architects, as well as server Administrators Application developers and security engineers as well as virtualization administrators, Architects, Systems Engineers and Field Engineers who are selling, implementing and/or managing Cisco ACI


Day 1-3: ACI Fundamentals
  • Cisco ACI Overview
  • Cisco ACI Fabric Switches (Nexus 9000 series)
  • Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (Cisco APIC)
  • Cisco ACI Fabric Standup Process
  • Cisco ACI Fabric Access Policies
  • Cisco ACI Tenant Logical Policies
  • Cisco ACI Fabric Operation and Forwarding
  • Cisco ACI Hypervisor and Container Integration
  • Cisco ACI Layer 3 Router Connectivity
  • Cisco ACI Extending Layer 2
  • Cisco ACI L4-L7 Device Integration
  • Cisco ACI Fabric Topologies
  • Cisco ACI Application Centric versus Network Centric
  • Cisco ACI Micro-segmentation Security
  • Cisco ACI 2nd Day Operations (NAE/NIR/NIA)
  • Initial Configuration of ACI Policies and Pools
  • Configuring ACI Access Policies
  • Configuring ACI Tenant Logical Policies
  • Configuring VMM Integration (VMware vSphere)
  • Communication Using Contracts
  • L3 Connectivity with Cisco ACI
  • Advanced Communication with Contracts
  • Extending Layer 2
  • Integrating Firewalls with Policy-Based Redirect (PBR)
  • Micro-segmentation with Cisco ACI
  • Cisco NAE
Day 4: ACI and Programmability
  • Network Programmability Landscape
  • Working with APIs
  • Automation with Python
  • Automation with Ansible
  • Using Postman to Interact with ACI
  • Deploying with Postman
  • Automating ACI with Python
  • Automating ACI with Ansible
Day 5: Troubleshooting Cisco ACI
  • Understanding Events, Faults, and System Health
  • Review of Logical and Access Policies
  • Troubleshooting Endpoint Connectivity
  • Troubleshooting L3 Outs
  • Troubleshooting Endpoint Connectivity with VMware vSwitches
  • ACI Policy Break/Fix
  • Endpoint Tracking and Verification
  • L3Out Break/fix

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