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Lumos is an agile, deft group of world-class cloud architects that have been strategically assembled to assist you in adapting to one of the most rapidly changing times in recent technology history. We are here to help you with the fundamental shift in processes and architectures from well-known traditional (legacy) way of IT, to a modern, agile, DevOps-focused shop. Not only to help with what most folks in the industry consider ‘DevOps’ - meaning technology or simply reduced to ‘tools’, but more so from a fundamental culture perspective - meaning people and process.

Embracing a micro services application architecture, with a macro view of the business, our architects were all hand-chosen based on both their fundamental understanding of every aspect of a modern, business-outcome focused IT organization, along with each memebers strategic niche expertise they bring the the group as a whole. This includes expertise in:

  • Cisco Nexus 9000 architecture with a strong focus on Cisco ACI

• Cloud Management Platform with CliQr

• Multi-national carrier-designed routing and switching with Cisco

• Virtualization with VMware ESXiMicrosoft Hyper-VRedHat KVM

• Python development


Our experts are available to help you design, develop, and deploy sophisticated cloud-based solutions to simplify your most complex problems. Lumos solutions are tailor made for your organization. We start by listening.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Please let us know what you need by clicking in the bottom right and chatting with us directly. Alternatively, you are welcome to fill out a more traditional form (below) and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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