The Coronavirus pandemic has forced schools to embrace distance and remote learning far sooner than most districts anticipated. That sudden crunch is putting a lot of strain on most schools existing technology and IT solutions. Though it’s challenging, there are a few up and coming IT solutions for schools that can make things easier.

Here are some of the most beneficial programs to consider incorporating into your institution.

Cloud-Based Storage & Learning

One of the most challenging aspects of remote learning plan is making sure students and teachers have access to the tools and programs they need to make learning possible. Though it’s possible to house all those files and programs at the school itself, doing so requires an extensive network of servers.

The best educational technology solutions for schools incorporate cloud-based storage into all activities. This allows everyone to be on the same page throughout the semester without forcing your administration to increase their technology budget.

Enhanced Security Solutions

Your students’ private details will be able to stay private and any files they send their teachers through the cloud will be carefully monitored and kept safe. Files can be shared without increasing the risk of viruses and information interception.

Remote Troubleshooting

Modern IT solutions allow for remote troubleshooting and problem-solving. Your teachers and staff can get on the phone or chat with their IT rep to figure out what’s going on when the system acts up.

Mobile Adaptation

One of the key IT solutions for schools to implement immediately is mobile adaptation. Your IT team can help you create a mobile-friendly learning experience that all students can access safely and easily. As you roll out new programs and implement new technology, they’ll help you make sure the new programs interface with mobile devices so no child gets left behind.

Video Learning and Classroom Interaction

So, how can educational institutions incorporate face-to-face learning and instruction when students aren’t allowed in the classroom? With video instruction. Video lessons are among the best IT solutions for your school looking to increase student interaction and participation while learning remotely.

More Efficient Use of Equipment

Instead of constantly upgrading equipment, your team and IT consultants will be able to find cost-effective ways to utilize your existing technology suite for remote learning. This will save you money and makes it easier to maximize your budget semester after semester.



Make sure you have the best IT solutions for schools in your district so your teachers and students can have the best experience possible during the pandemic. Contact Lumos today to request a consultation with our dedicated IT professionals.