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High-Powered IT Infrastructure Solutions.

As a trusted IT consulting firm, Lumos Consulting equips you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to execute a high-powered network infrastructure. We expand your expertise, allowing you to build and maintain a software-defined infrastructure, which gives your company the scalability it needs to grow.

Lumos offers professional IT consulting services, helping you shift from a traditional data center to a modern, more agile network infrastructure.

Apart from consultancy services, we also hold in-person trainings and online courses to help you gain a better understanding of network architecture, from SDN to virtualization.

Network Switching

Reduce the deployment time of your applications through high-capacity network switches. Our IT consultants will help you virtualize your switches to increase network efficiency.

Network Infrastructure

Establish an efficient communication path between your networks, servers, and software with a high-performing network infrastructure. We’ll help you streamline your infrastructure to create more efficient processes.

Network Management

Manage all network resources and services remotely through the cloud, enabling automation for certain functions. This lets you focus on more important tasks, improving productivity.

IT Virtualization

Virtualized networks and system resources enable sharing among multiple users, cutting costs on different hardware and software assets./span>

IT Infrastructure Consulting That Grows Your Knowledge.

Learn more about software-defined infrastructure and cloud computing through our workshops and online courses. Lumos Consulting offers intensive training courses on Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), tackling its various topics, from fabric topologies and the basics of Software Defined Networking, to data center.

We offer beginner to more advanced courses, catering to the different levels of expertise and professional goals.

Led by experienced IT infrastructure consultants, our workshops take a hands-on approach, ensuring that you’ll acquire the practical knowledge you need to grow your company’s network capabilities. You’ll receive immediate feedback from your trainers and insights from your fellow trainers, creating a collaborative learning environment.

Our online courses are available for those who can’t accommodate an in-person training.

On-Site Workshops
MDS 2-Day Workshop


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Online Training
DCNDOPS: 2-Day Nexus Dashboard


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DCACIM – Cisco ACI 2 Day Multi-Fabric Specialist Boot Camp


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Online Training
Cisco ACI 5 Day Field Engineer & Operations Course


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Online Training
Cisco ACI 2 Day Multi-Fabric Specialist Boot Camp


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Online Training
DCACIT Class – Day 3 Operations and Troubleshooting


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IT Infrastructure Consultants for Different Industries.

At Lumos Consulting, our goal is to help your company grow. We strive to make the latest network technology, from SDN solutions to virtualization, easy and accessible, letting you make the most of it. Lumos partners with multiple industries, creating tailor-fit networking solutions for enterprise, healthcare, government, legal, financial, education, and manufacturing firms.

A trusted IT consulting firm in California, Lumos Consulting offers strategic direction in the development of your network infrastructure. We help determine the best IT solution for your organization, maximizing your network performance and data center capabilities.

Lumos serves multiple industries, helping build an infrastructure that lets you overcome your tech challenges.

We cater to the following industries:

Seamless shift from a traditional IT setup

What Benefits do
our Courses Provide.

Apart from a more efficient network, Cisco ACI provides the flexibility to scale up or scale down your load according to your current IT needs. It enables automation, allowing you to offload simpler functions into the cloud. ACI is also equipped with end-to-end security to protect your network

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