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The healthcare industry is always changing and growing. This is what allows it to keep up with patients’ needs and within that changing landscape, information technology is rapidly becoming a key component for healthcare providers’ day to day operations. With such a heavy reliance on technology, what can you expect to see developing in the healthcare industry this year? Here are a few trends that are sure to dominate healthcare IT solutions in 2020.

1. More Reliance on the Cloud

Every healthcare provider is responsible for processing tons of information and distilling it into a client’s file. That data takes up a lot of space on standard hard drives. After just a few weeks, most healthcare providers find themselves out of storage and compiling tons of external hard drives and storage systems isn’t practical, especially for smaller operations.

Providers of healthcare IT solutions offer ACI cloud storage that allow you to keep that information safe without relying on physical hard drives or databases. This frees up space in offices and makes it easier for doctors and other healthcare professionals to access information as needed with technology like smartphones and tablets. This poses its own set of challenges, but with the right healthcare IT solutions and troubleshooting in place, most companies should be able to maintain those cloud accounts without issue.

2. Increased Security 

Patient files used to be kept in secure offices and filing cabinets. If someone couldn’t access those physical files, the information was considered completely safe. As practices transitioned to computers and more information got transcribed into the digital realm, security measures became more complex.

With ACI cloud-based storage, patients’ personal information, payment details, insurance documentation, and other data can all be intercepted by hackers. Unfortunately, cybercrime is on the rise and an estimated 14 million businesses across all industries are vulnerable to hackers. Standard or traditional healthcare IT solutions just aren’t enough to combat new and more aggressive forms of cyberattacks. 

The healthcare industry is using 2020 to make protecting sensitive information a priority across the board. With those improvements in healthcare IT solutions, there will be a reduction in cybercrime and hacking events.

3. Telemedicine and Tele consultation

The internet and high-speed mobile data make maintaining traditional in-house appointments more of an option than a requirement. Healthcare providers can now offer screenings over video calls and provide care to their patients.

This improves access to healthcare for individuals who are unable to leave home and those whose schedules make  appointments difficult. When combined with ACI cloud-based storage healthcare solutions and technology, you have a more mobile and dynamic way to provide services to people who need them.

4. Increased Use of AI

Artificial intelligence or AI is rapidly becoming more important for streamlining the treatment process for patients. In 2020, we’ll see this system being used by more providers and networks to better improve the patient experience. 

The right algorithm allows a computer to assess a patient’s conditions and symptoms to better prioritize treatments for patients who truly need them. Ultimately, this will decrease overcrowding in waiting rooms and reduce wait times for patients who have better things to do than spend hours waiting to be seen. 

As with any increased reliance on computer health systems and technology, this will increase the need for consulting for healthcare IT solutions. Every system is unique and the types of security measures, data storage, and troubleshooting each provider needs will depend on the size of the practice and the number of patients needing treatment. We’ll see an increase in the number of in-house professionals able to handle moderate tech problems and a jump in the number of remote consultants companies rely on for more sophisticated and complicated issues.

5. Better Training for On-Site Healthcare IT Support

IT for the healthcare industry can be demanding for healthcare teams and providers. As technology becomes more essential for day-to-day operations, demands will only go up. In 2020, we’ll likely see an increase in demand for consultations from healthcare IT solution companies.

Consulting will provide each healthcare provider with an individualized plan to help keep their systems running properly. The result will be less downtime for healthcare IT solutions providers and less frustration for patients.

2020 Is the Year for Technological Advancements in Healthcare IT Solutions And Services

Information technology is becoming a key component of the healthcare industry, whether it’s with large practices or small service providers. The more proactive those healthcare providers become about streamlining their IT solutions, the more satisfied their clients will be. Additionally, it will be much easier for their staff to do their jobs well. If you need help developing a solid strategy for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out today.