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Cisco® MDS 9000 Family.

Lumos helps your IT department achieve flexible architecture, seamless data center virtualization, and efficient disaster recovery through the Cisco MDS 9000 family of storage networking solutions. Learn more.

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How Businesses Benefit from the Cisco® MDS 9000 Series

Cisco® MDS 9000 multilayer storage area network (SAN) switches and software are designed for reduced costs and increased availability. They’re a tried-and-tested combination of flexible hardware architecture and multi-layered network and storage management intelligence, making way for maximum ROI.

By investing in Cisco® MDS 9000 multilayer SAN products, your IT department can build scalable, highly secured storage networks. These networks have a singular management system, too, so you can minimize operational expenditure which you can otherwise allocate for other departments.

The Cisco® MDS 9000 Series is also known for its flexibility and performance.


The MDS 9000 hardware and software products are designed for maximum adaptability and fault tolerance.

They can accommodate any physical, virtual, or cloud environments that you plan to grow or upgrade in the future. And as a whole, the system will continue operating properly regardless of component faults or failures.

The MDS 9000 products also have fully redundant components so you can easily replace them, instead of the entire system, when you encounter component failures.  


Cisco® MDS 9000 multilayer SAN products are renowned for advanced multiprotocol and multiservice convergence. Your IT department can use these software and hardware devices to build a bigger network that can handle more services and applications without the risk of slowing down the entire network system.

Additionally, the MDS 9000 products let you take advantage of high-performing SAN extensions. Get additional host names that remain secured by a Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certifcate.

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Why Choose Cisco® MDS 9000 Series Multilayer Swatches

IT departments use the Cisco® MDS 9000 family of storage networking solutions as a platform for:

  • Data center virtualization, providing high data storage and processing
  • Quick disaster recovery, ensuring a continuous flow of productivity
  • Business continuity, despite damages or errors in some components
  • Fast deployment of private and public cloud technologies
  • Agile, reliable, and scalable storage area network

Your IT department can also use Cisco® MDS 9000 products to enhance the flexibility of your architecture. These products are compatible with different SAN protocols including:

  • FC (Fiber Channel)
  • FICON (Fiber Connection)
  • FCIP (Fiber Channel over IP)
  • FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet)
  • iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface)

Additionally, MDS 9000 products provide a high level of security regardless of the protocols you use.

Also, Cisco® MDS 9000 Series Switches can host a wide range of intelligent multilayer services including:

  • SAN consolidation and security
  • Data mobility and storage encryption
  • Server storage and fabric virtualization

Experience exceptional innovation by incorporating MDS 9000 products into your network.

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