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Network Virtualization.

Lumos contributes to better network security and greater operational efficiency within your data center through network virtualization. It minimizes operational expenditure, too. Learn more about it today.

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What Network Virtualization Does

Network virtualization helps organizations build and deploy new network services in a matter of minutes. You can scale these services up or down depending on your organization’s demand. As a result, the automation eliminates manual work and saves your team time that they can use for other tasks.

Network virtualization also reduces operational expenditure. It gives you remote access to data and infrastructure management. You can coordinate multiple — or all — systems within your network through the same physical and virtual network resources.

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How Organizations Benefit from Network Virtualization

Network virtualization builds a distinct virtual environment for your organization. It can either combine multiple physical networks under one virtual network. Or it can divide a physical network into independent virtual networks. These physical network resources may include routers, switches, firewalls, and VPNs tied together and distributed by an IP.

Either way, network virtualization is essential to organizations that aim to maximize their software-based computing and data storage resources. Lumos highlights these benefits for your organization:


Streamlined Operations

Maximize the capabilities of proven infrastructure by investing in network virtualization services that extend those functions to a greater network. This also helps you maintain consistent operations.


Advanced Applications

Upgrade the way you utilize physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Upgrade your services and install advanced applications by adding them to your network virtualization system.


Enhanced Network Agility

Build a more agile and application-centric network by applying network virtualization processes that streamline physical and virtual networks. The automated processes boost your team’s productivity.

The Essential Components of Network Virtualization

For you network virtualization system to flow smoothly, Lumos breaks down the essential components that contribute to the success of your virtualization efforts.


Virtualization Software

The software serves as the facilitator of your virtual services and external network interfaces. Its functions should include platform management and network monitoring, at the least.


Virtual Network Functions

Eliminate costly and unnecessary appliances that facilitate SD-WAN, firewalls, and load balancing. VNFs are designed to manage network traffic through platforms that you already use.


Virtualization Hardware Options

Network virtualization processes are typically supported by general-purpose or purpose-built servers that already accommodate your existing network. You don’t have to spend more on hardware.


Cloud-Based Management Options

Network virtualization gives you access to automated tools that monitor and upgrade your existing network. Cloud-based management for greater flexibility compared to on-site options. 

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The Differences of NFV and SDN

Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) depend on virtualization for network design and abstraction. But whereas NFV is used for basic networking functions, SDN controls or configures those functions for specific purposes.

Additionally, NFV virtualizes your organization’s physical network resources through a hypervisor. It lets your network grow without the need for more hardware devices. Meanwhile, SDN utilizes switches and routers to perform unique tasks on your virtual network.

NFV and SDN both contribute to a more flexible networking architecture and infrastructure. However, they perform different roles that a Lumos representative would gladly explain in greater detail to you. Contact us today.