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Lumos Consulting offers network infrastructure consulting services to medium and enterprise businesses, establishing more efficient processes for their customers.

IT Consulting Services for Enterprises

Leverage the power of advanced network infrastructure with our IT consulting services for small businesses, and establish faster, more efficient business processes, from simple, daily tasks to larger, company-wide functions.

Businesses face an ever-changing market as technology evolves. Current consumer behavior drives demand for better, faster services. Small yet innovative companies can battle with big, established companies, leveling the field of competition. Amid these changes are revenue opportunities that forward-thinking organizations and enterprises maximize through cloud adoption and integrating IT infrastructure consulting into their operations.

With expert guidance from an experienced IT consulting services specializing in network infrastructure, your small business may improve performance, innovate data management, and even reduce operating costs.

Automated Accounting Functions

Automated Accounting Functions

You can choose to migrate your accounting processes onto an SDN-enabled cloud network. This lets your bookkeepers save time on menial tasks and focus on other critical matters, such as business growth. Your point-of-sale system can also be linked to the cloud, automatically sending details about prices, transactions, and inventory.

SDN also gives enterprises scalability. A cloud accounting software easily accommodates surges in the number of transactions you make, so you can go from, for example, your regular 1,000 per month to 10,000 during peak season.

Data Management and Analysis

Data Management and Analysis

Since your financial information is in the cloud, your accounting software can automatically draw reports and spot trends from your data. You’ll be able to determine when your business is slow, which helps you identify opportunities to boost performance. This level of access to information also provides insight into your customers, letting you craft more accurate marketing and sales strategies.

An SDN-enabled cloud infrastructure is equipped with security protocols and end-to-end encryption, protecting your network and all of your data. You can also back up your hardware and software resources to ensure maximum protection and redundancy, without the files taking up too much space.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Enterprise

Lumos Consulting offers high-powered IT solutions for small and medium businesses, reducing network complexities to improve your efficiency and productivity. We provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to implement virtualization solutions that integrate advanced SDN.

We provide Network Infrastructure Consulting, Network Switching, Network Management, and Network Virtualization. These services will help you make the seamless shift from a traditional network to software-defined infrastructure, giving your enterprise the agility, control, security, and efficiency it needs to meet changes in the business environment.

Lumos offers IT consulting services for enterprises, helping you design and develop an SDN-enabled cloud infrastructure tailored for your company. We also hold Cisco ACI Architecture workshops and online courses for network administrators and engineers, helping your team maximize the full capabilities of your infrastructure.