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Lumos Consulting offers IT infrastructure management consulting services to healthcare firms, creating a more efficient data center that meets network needs.

IT Consulting Services for Healthcare

Through high-powered IT infrastructure solutions, Lumos Consulting helps healthcare firms provide better patient care by shifting from manual labor and equipment to automated, advanced processes.

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest targets of cybersecurity attacks, compromising the data of patients and the public. Healthcare organizations spend only half as much on cybersecurity as other industries, which leaves them vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Among the obstacles that hospitals face in pursuing better cybersecurity is IT integration. Fortunately, modern IT technology presents solutions to help healthcare firms protect their data, such as SDN architecture, virtualization, and cloud computing. With IT consulting services for healthcare facilities, patient records are protected and stored efficiently.

An SDN-enabled cloud infrastructure lets healthcare facilities automate processes, store and track patient information, and enforce stronger data security. Plus, a cloud-enabled network serves as a single access point for all of your data and software, making these resources available to multiple users at the same time. What’s more, a professional IT infrastructure consulting lifts the burden of dealing with tech-related issues from healthcare staff. As such, IT consulting helps healthcare networks focus on what they do best, which is to provide excellent patient care.

Automated Accounting Functions

Stronger Cybersecurity

Cloud-enabled IT solutions allow healthcare facilities to manage their ever-growing patient data with ease. With the help of cloud computing and SDN architecture, you can virtualize medical records and keep them in a secure cloud storage. In-house doctors and nurses can easily access this storage, fostering immediate collaboration within the facility.

Your data stays safe in the cloud since most infrastructures come with security tools and end-to-end encryption. You can also back up your resources to ensure maximum protection and redundancy, without the files taking up too much space.

Data Management and Analysis

Scalability in Storage

Traditional network infrastructure requires plenty of hardware, which have a limited load capacity and processing capabilities. On the other hand, cloud-based networks give hospitals easy scalability in terms of storage. You can virtualize your data, as well as hardware and programs, and keep them in the cloud. Healthcare firms can easily scale up or down, depending on their current IT needs.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Healthcare

Lumos Consulting provides sophisticated, customized IT consulting services for the healthcare industry. We equip healthcare firms with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to grow their network from a traditional data center to a more agile, more efficient infrastructure.

Lumos offers Network Infrastructure Consulting, Network Switching, Network Management, and Network Virtualization. These services will virtualize and remotely manage your processes, hardware, and software, letting different staff members use them simultaneously.

We also offer Cisco ACI Architecture workshops and online courses, helping network administrators and engineers grow their knowledge on virtualization. Our SDN consulting services let hospitals create a network that can support as many configurations as your load demands.