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Network Assurance and Insights for Data Centers.

Lumos Consulting, Inc. helps organizations automate and modernize Day 2 operations with the Cisco Network Assurance and Insights.

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What is Network Assurance and Insights?

With modern businesses using a complex web of data center infrastructure to complete daily processes, network administrators are charged with the task of overlooking every system in the network. As such, they are also expected to prevent, detect, and address problems that crop up as fast as possible.

With Cisco’s introduction of its suite of Network Assurance and Insights programs, formerly challenging tasks such as troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, and remediation of common network issues are made easier.

Cisco Network Assurance and Insights transforms data centers by automating and modernizing Day 2 operations. With the services under this initiative, your organization can better align with your business’ strategic objectives and continuously reap the benefits.

The Network Assurance and Insights Suite

The Network Assurance and Insights suite features 3 of Cisco’s most innovative offerings.


Network Assurance

The Cisco Network Assurance Engine (NAE) is one of the most comprehensive and powerful intent assurance technologies in the market. Using data collected from the network, the NAE creates a model of correctness and intent, which it then uses to continuously scan and detect deviations. With NAE, resolving network issues is faster and easier.


Nexus Insights

The Cisco Nexus Insights allows network managers to automate, monitor, and analyze data center fabric real time. The Network Insights for Resources (NIR) monitors, records, and analyzes hardware and software data to identify deviations in the fabric. The Network Insights Advisor (NIA), on the other hand, proactively sends notifications about bugs and security advisories to help prevent downtime.


Nexus Dashboard

The Nexus Dashboard is a centralized management console that allows users to operate and manage their data center infrastructure from one source. It features an intuitive, role-specific interface for streamlined data center management.

Network Assurance and Insights Innovations

Cisco introduces several innovations with the Network Assurance and Insights portfolio.


Automated Subject Matter Expert

Network Insights collects software and hardware telemetry data and uses this to build a knowledge base. This allows the program to have an in-depth understanding of a system’s protocols so it can derive the root causes of various problems.



Network Insights features the industry’s first detailed end-to-end packet path, which allows users to detect the root cause of issues across the entire data center.


Fast Troubleshooting

With Network Insights, you get customized notifications and advisories about maintenance issues that require your immediate attention. This relieves network managers of the burden of plowing through various data points, making troubleshooting faster and easier.

The Benefits of Network Assurance and Insights

infrastructure information technology solutions

Assure intent

Network Assurance and Insights applications help you stay ahead of the curve by ensuring your business intent is met and all systems are compliant to the policies you set.

strategic IT advisory services

Ensure reliability

With real-time, proactive monitoring, you get notifications for potential issues within the network so you can address them before they impact your processes.

SDN switching

Troubleshoot intelligently

These applications send advisories for issues they find and provide steps for remediation using real-time telemetry data.