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Day 2 Ops as a Smart Business Strategy.

Lumos Consulting offers a number of resources to assist with Day 2 operations support when you are using Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

ACI Deployment

What is Day 2 Ops?

Day 2 is a long-standing DevOps term that refers to the process of the development lifecycle phase that follows initial deployment and contains the real application demands.

On Day 2, organizations ratify and guarantee Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as they impose stringent criteria on applications such as resilience, size, agility, protection, governance, and enforcement.

In other words, Day 2 is when a company’s true economic effect is felt, or when it suffers a crippling loss if it fails, potentially wasting hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

It entails managing and operating various cloud native applications with varying specifications, technologies, and SLAs. Also, Day 2 reflects a clear and long-term operational capability through programs and applications, allowing organizations to inspect, protect, and prove compliance in a consistent manner.

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Routine for Day 2 Ops

When the software is available, it goes live and customers may begin using it. Day 2 starts here, and elements including software maintenance and customer support are introduced.

To respond to changing demands and customer preferences, the program itself will change. The main goal for Day 2 is to build a feedback loop.

We keep track of how the app is doing, collect user feedback, and forward it to the development team, who will incorporate it into the product and release a new version. Observe-Orient-Decide-Act is a military term that accurately describes what happens in this process. This cycle is continuously repeated.

  • Observe – collect data from control systems such as resources usage and metrics, application performance monitoring
  • Orient – analyze the problem’s root cause
  • Decide – discover a solution to the problems that arise
  • Act – put the solutions into action

Monitoring protocols are dependent on the Service Level Agreement’s provisions (SLA). The Service Level Agreement is focused on Service Level Objectives (SLO), which reflect the current state of our Service Level Indicators (SLI). The secret to tackling Day 2 tasks is automation and control.

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Efficient Day 2 Operations for Data Center Applications

  • End-to-end infrastructure monitoring based on ACI tenants and applications
  • A visual representation of the infrastructure that supports each tenant application through all data center technologies: Network Fabric, Network Services, Workload OS, Virtualization, Compute and Storage
  • Changes in all technologies, such as vMotion, Service Profile reassignment, end-point group additions, and so on, are automatically tracked
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Companies Foresight Plan for Day 2 before Day 0

The real failures on Day 2 are process-related rather than technology-related, as organizations are unable to react quickly to application performance issues due to a lack of proper tracking, logging, and alerting to determine the root cause and resolve the incident.

The most tragic cases are caused by a lack of knowledge of how to troubleshoot or recover on Day 2. The following three steps are needed for success on Day 2.

  1. Include operational teams in planning discussions to keep Day 2 in mind, as they will be in charge of design and platform decisions.
  2. Understand that more intelligent and dependable implementations are dependent on more than just technology to drive an organization’s performance.
  3. Pair technology with the expertise needed to lead strategic planning activities from the outset, which means proactively identifying production conditions for performance before any code is written or specific technology is selected.
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