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Manufacturing Industry.

Lumos Consulting offers tailored IT consultancy services to manufacturing firms, helping improve inventory & data management, deadline delivery, and processes. Email us.

IT Consulting Services for Manufacturing

Optimize your manufacturing operations with innovative IT infrastructure solutions, and create efficient manufacturing processes without compromising the quality of your service through IT consulting services.

Manufacturing requires rigorous project management to meet tight deadlines. Projects are typically time-, cost-, and quality-sensitive. Plus, multiple teams must collaborate to accomplish and deliver a project according to requirements.

Network virtualization presents a single answer that lets you manage every function of your business with ease. An SDN-enabled cloud infrastructure ensures that every aspect of your operations performs efficiently, working together to achieve the organization’s bigger goals. These are why the manufacturing sector can benefit from infrastructure consulting firm’s services.

A cloud-based system provides a 360-degree view of your organization, namely its accounting and finance, order and supply chain management, product control and logistics, and sales and service support.

Automated Accounting Functions

Improved Data Management

Cloud-enabled IT solutions allow manufacturing firms to integrate data onto one secure platform. By integrating software-defined networking technology, you can enable automation in your cloud network, letting it perform certain functions, such as security checks, inventory updates, and other regular procedures.

With multiple shipments and hand-offs happening simultaneously, automated data management helps manufacturing firms keep track of each project’s progress.

You can also program your software to automatically draw reports, identify trends, and spot errors in your data. Plus, the cloud not only collects data, it provides actionable insights as well. You can use this information for sales forecast, quality improvement, or predictive analysis.

Data Management and Analysis

Increased Productivity

Automation lightens the load of your staff, giving them more time to focus on more important concerns, which increases productivity.

Plus, your storage is accessible to all employees at the same time, which allows better coordination among the people involved. Improved collaboration allows a more efficient process, ensuring that you meet your deadlines. Transparency is also crucial when multiple teams are working on a single project.

When everyone’s notified of the progress, the next step, and the unfinished tasks, your project stays on schedule.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Manufacturing

Lumos Consulting offers high-powered IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, helping you evolve your traditional data center to a cloud network. We develop a framework that ensures your IT infrastructure is up-to-date and evolving, keeping pace with the growth of your business.

We start by looking at your current traffic patterns and communication flows, so we can design an SDN-enabled cloud infrastructure that’s tailored to your processes. Lumos offers custom IT consultancy services that encompass Network Infrastructure Consulting, Network Switching, Network Management, and Network Virtualization, migrating your hardware and software assets to the cloud.

We offer cloud and SDN consulting services to manufacturing firms as well as in-depth Cisco ACI Architecture workshops and online courses.