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Comprehensive Intent Assurance with Cisco NAE.

Receive continuous verification and analysis of your organization’s entire data center network for better network operations with the Cisco Network Assurance Engine solution from Lumos Consulting, Inc.

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What is Network Assurance Engine?

Businesses that want to thrive in the digital age employ the help of various technologies to streamline their processes. As such, it’s crucial to monitor the health of every software, hardware, and other systems responsible for keeping processes smooth.

The Cisco Network Assurance Engine is a solution that quantifies risks in an organization’s IT network using data analysis. Built on Cisco’s patented network verification technology, the Network Assurance Engine identifies errors within a network and offers recommendations for corrective actions.

The Network Assurance Engine proactively detects problems such as network equipment malfunction, which can lead to connectivity breakdown between devices. By identifying these problems immediately, your IT team can address them before they impact your business.

The Cisco Network Assurance Engine manages to do these through intent assurance, which uses a network’s entire policy to analyze the configurations and operator’s intent. This creates a model of a fully-functioning network system, which is then used to pinpoint deviations from applications’ intended behavior.

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Network Assurance Engine Innovation

Some of the most unique capabilities the Cisco Network Assurance Engine brings include:

  • Most complete vision for intent-based networks across the industry – The Network Assurance Engine is built to integrate seamlessly with Cisco ACI and NX-OS.
  • Codified Cisco domain knowledge – It contains built-in failure scenarios for accurately pinpointing deviations and providing steps for repair.
  • Deep policy controller integration – It upholds dynamic network state by ensuring controller policies and configurations.
  • Comprehensive analysis – It captures, analyzes, and correlates switch configurations and other network behavior.

Features and Benefits

  • Global search for advanced search capability for events across the timeline
  • Event lifecycle to discover the cause of an event or deviation
  • Change management for information about policy and configuration analysis assurance
  • Communication and configuration compliance to ensure regulatory and business communications, as well as naming and golden template configurations meet IT requirements at all times
  • Pre-change analysis for predicting the impact of intended changes in configuration

Network Assurance Engine Capabilities

The Cisco Network Assurance Engine combines mathematically-accurate network models, codified failure scenarios, and Cisco’s 3 decades of operational domain knowledge. 


Data Collection

The Cisco Network Assurance Engine captures an entire data center’s network state, policy, and intent.


Comprehensive Network Modeling

From the network data collected, the Network Assurance Engine builds mathematically accurate models of network behavior that spans underlay, overlay, and virtualization layers.


Intelligent Analysis

The Cisco Network Assurance Engine continuously runs over 5000 domain knowledge-based error checks and intent assurance to pinpoint deviations and suggest steps for remediation.

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Achieve 24/7 Network Assurance

Your organization needs to meet the security compliance requirements of modern data center networks. Predict the impact of changes you’re making in the network, verify each network system’s behavior, and ensure continuous network security compliance with the Network Assurance Engine. Contact us today.