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Education Sector.

Lumos Consulting’s network consulting services help educational institutions transform the teaching and learning experiences of staff and students.

IT Consulting Services for Educational Institutions

Improve the learning and teaching experiences of your students, teachers, and staff with innovative IT infrastructure solutions for schools through Lumos Consulting’s education technology consulting services.

The use of technology in schools is not new. Education technology or EdTech has evolved from using tablets and digital copies of textbooks in classrooms. Now, it redefines how students perceive and consume their education, potentially making it a more enjoyable experience for them.

EdTech allows schools to integrate adaptive learning and personalization in their curriculum through learning apps, virtual learning environments, and other immersive content. These technologies change the way people learn, which can help them better grasp, retain, and apply their knowledge.

However, many educational institutions struggle to adopt these modern solutions. Budget constraints, inadequate professional training, and outdated network infrastructure are three of the biggest obstacles to EdTech adoption.

Cloud-based applications and software-defined networking solutions in education address these challenges because they can cut IT costs, reduce reliance on data centers, and improve institutional productivity. And to ensure that these techniques are effective, educational institutions can benefit from the services of IT consulting firms. A technology consultant maximizes the benefits of technology for education, leading to better adoption of gadgets and other technological innovations in schools.

Automated Accounting Functions

Easy Data Storage and Management

As your data grows and the speed of learning increases, schools need bigger storage. Traditional data centers provide limited space to store your data. On the other hand, virtualized networks offer scalability. Since they’re linked to the internet, they have an almost unlimited storage, letting you archive and backup important records.

Plus, SDN-enabled cloud infrastructure is equipped with data sorting tools that automatically organize your information per category.

Cloud storage also offers secure access to files from anywhere, including student records, textbooks, and other learning materials. This ensures that important documents are readily available to staff and students within a single platform, making their learning and teaching experiences more convenient.

Data Management and Analysis

Lower IT Expenses

Many schools worry about the cost of modernizing their IT system. But virtualized network infrastructures are more cost-effective than on-site data centers in the long run. Traditional data centers require a lot of hardware resources, which demand rigorous maintenance and regular upgrades. These updates add to your operating costs.

A hybrid SDN and cloud design approach, on the other hand, have minimal hardware requirements. You can virtualize your software and hardware resources and migrate them to the cloud, which lets you save on installation expenses.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Schools

Lumos Consulting equips educational institutions with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to manage cloud-based networks. We offer tailored IT consulting services, from cloud computing to SDN, to schools and universities, helping you design a virtualized infrastructure tailored to your organization’s IT needs.

We also hold workshops and online training for your IT staff, growing their knowledge on cloud networks. Lumos offers courses discussing different topics related to Cisco ACI architecture, fit for participants of varying expertise levels.