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Network Infrastructure Consulting.

Lumos Consulting, Inc’s network infrastructure consulting services improves an enterprise’s communication and services across devices and users.

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Network Infrastructure Consultation for Businesses

The productivity and success of an organization isn’t solely dependent on having highly qualified employees and excellent equipment. Your business also needs a robust and secure network infrastructure.

Network infrastructure enables the connectivity, operations, and management of an enterprise’s network through hardware and software resources. Without this, your operations may suffer from security issues, as well as poor user experience, both of which costs your business and impacts your brand.

With Lumos Consulting, Inc’s network infrastructure consultation, you can make sure that your organization’s network infrastructure is ready to meet your operational demands.

The Lumos team provides a comprehensive assessment of your network and makes recommendations for improvement and to help reach your network infrastructure management objectives.

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Network Infrastructure vs. IT Infrastructure

Network and IT infrastructure are similar in the way that they both perform tasks essential for running a modern business. However, the differences between the two highlight the importance of network infrastructure and the specific benefits it brings to an organization’s operations.

The Components of an Organization’s IT Operations

IT infrastructure is a collection of elements needed for IT services. It refers to both the physical components, like your hardware, as well as the intangible components, like your software and your network.

IT infrastructure includes:

  • Hardware components: Data centers, computers and routers
  • Software components: Applications and website management systems
  • Networking components: Firewalls and internet connectivity

Network Infrastructure Components

Compared to IT infrastructure, network infrastructure is more focused. It’s designed to maintain both internal and external connectivity, and ensure that this connectivity continues without a hitch.

Network infrastructure includes:

  • Networking hardware: Routers, cables, and hubs.
  • Networking software: Network security applications, operating systems, and firewall
  • Networking services: Wireless protocols, IP addresses, and DSL
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Network Visibility and Its Importance

Knowing what’s happening across your network infrastructure is crucial for monitoring each component’s performance and detecting possible risks to the network. Dealing with blind spots within your network infrastructure is difficult and can lead to more problems cropping up.

However, gaining network visibility isn’t easy for an organization without help. With dozens of network infrastructures to look after, from your network’s hubs and bridges to your servers and routers, the various types of network infrastructure that needs management can be too much for your in-house IT team.

Lumos Consulting Inc.’s network infrastructure consulting services helps organizations maintain their network infrastructure with efficiency.

With the firm’s enterprise-level network infrastructure solutions, you’ll be able to uncover your blind spots and establish a well-oiled network infrastructure system that eases your organization’s processes and improves your overall efficiency.

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