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Online Training.

Lumos Consulting offers online Cisco ACI Architecture training courses for those who want to grow their networking knowledge and prefer a flexible schedule.

ACI Architecture Online Training Course

Lumos Consulting holds online Cisco ACI training courses, discussing various topics related to data center and network infrastructures. Our ACI Architecture online workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop, deploy, and maintain a full-stack, cloud-based network infrastructure.

The online course covers topics in a range of difficulty levels, making sure you have the chance to scale up your expertise regardless of your existing skills set.

We offer online training for those who cannot accommodate an in-person event in their schedule. These virtual courses allow you to grow your knowledge about network and cloud computing at your own time.

Learn more about network infrastructure with Lumos Consulting’s Cisco ACI training courses.

On-Site Workshops
MDS 2-Day Workshop


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Online Training
DCNDOPS: 2-Day Nexus Dashboard


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DCACIM – Cisco ACI 2 Day Multi-Fabric Specialist Boot Camp


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Online Training
Cisco ACI 5 Day Field Engineer & Operations Course


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Who can Join

Anyone who has a basic understanding of networking can take the online Cisco ACI training. Lumos caters to cloud architects, network architects, DevOps engineers, system engineers, network administrators, and system integrators who wish to learn more about cloud-based data network infrastructure.

We also collaborate with value-added resellers (VAR) who aim to provide worthwhile solutions to their clients.

Lumos offers online ACI Architecture training for those who need a more flexible setup. These courses are ideal for people who cannot make it to an in-person appointment due to location or schedule issues.

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What You can Expect

Learn more about network infrastructure at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or from your office with Cisco’s training courses in Application Centric Infrastructure or ACI. Each course in the basic ACI online training will help you develop the skills necessary to address the challenges in your current network design. Improve the capabilities and capacity of your data center and overcome the obstacles in traditional infrastructure with cloud-based technology.