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Network Routing and Switching for Enterprises

An enterprise network encompasses a large web of physical and virtual networks that protect your company software, integrate your internal systems, and connect all members of your team. It also connects your business with partners and customers.

Additionally, an enterprise network streamlines and stabilizes your accessibility to the internet, network data, and business analytics.

Invest in network routing and switching services that build a steady and secure enterprise network.

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What Are Network Switches and Routers?

Switches and routers are essentially two types of equipment that, when connected to your network, allow your network to communicate internally and externally. They connect computers and peripheral devices that are used to by your team and all partners and clients that have access to your cloud.

Although switches and routers appear similar and work together for a more accessible and streamlined network, they have very different functions.

Network Switches

Network switches connect multiple computers and peripherals within a building. It can connect the servers, computers, printers, and phones within your enterprise’s physical location, creating a stable network of shared resources.

The switch acts as the main controller of network resource allocation and data sharing. There are different types of switches that your enterprise could benefit from:

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Modular Switches

Modular switches provide the flexibility you need for expansion modules. These switches let you add firewalls, wireless connectivity, power supplies, and other application-specific modules that improve your enterprise’s network.

Modular switches generally grant greater flexibility than fixed-configuration switches. They would typically have higher upfront costs, though.

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Fixed-Configuration Switches

Fixed-configuration switches have a fixed number of ports that you can use for additional modules. There are three types of switches that fall under this category:

  • Managed switches: This type of switch us usually used as a core switch in conservatively sized networks or as an aggregation/access switch in enterprises.
  • Unmanaged switches: These are plug-and-play switches that provide basic connectivity at locations with limited ports, such as desks and conference rooms.
  • Smart switches: These switches are typically used in conjunction with managed switches for enhanced network management, segmentation, security, and stability.

Lumos helps you choose the most suitable network switch that maximizes your team’s productivity and minimizes your operational costs.

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Network Routers

Network routers streamline interaction among multiple networks. They act as a dispatcher that chooses the best route for your network’s information to travel as quickly as possible.

There’s more to this type of enterprise network equipment than connecting your networks computers and peripheral devices to the internet, though. A router protects sensitive data that is shared within your organization. It can also protect which devices should be prioritized.

Lumos can help you decide the best type of enterprise router based on your needed functions:

  • Firewall: Screen incoming data to protect your enterprise network against internet attacks.
  • IP Phone Network: Connect computers and telephones through conferencing technology.
  • Virtual Private Network: Give remote employees safe and stable access to your network.
Business expansion starts from within. Invest in switches and routers that protect and streamline your enterprise network. Get in touch with a Lumos representative to learn more.