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Financial Services.

Lumos Consulting offers IT consulting services to financial institutions, improving your network infrastructure through cloud-based solutions.

IT Consulting Services for the Financial Industry

If there is one industry that can benefit that most from IT infrastructure consulting services, it’s the financial sector. Banks and other financial institutions now integrate financial technology into their operations to keep up with emerging banking trends and they need to do it correctly. Lumos Consulting helps financial institutions keep up with the industry’s digitization movement through cloud computing and IT consulting solutions.

Banks, credit unions, and credit card companies are struggling with the emergence of financial tech or fintech companies. Offering lower-priced, more accessible products and services, these new players put pressure on the traditional business model of banks. Financial institutions are forced to embrace technology to innovate their operations and develop a competitive advantage.

Advanced network infrastructure solutions from an established IT consulting firm provides financial services the business agility they need to seamlessly transition their model and stay competitive.

Automated Accounting Functions

Increased Financial Agility and Scalability

The adoption of cloud computing and software-defined networking in the financial industry helps companies penetrate new markets with ease. This agility contributes to the growth and sustainability of financial firms, like banks, mortgage lenders, and credit unions.

An SDN-enabled cloud network reduces capital expenses related to IT, such as installing hardware and software and acquiring storage in the data center. This cost reduction makes expansion more manageable for financial institutions.

Plus, a hybrid SDN and cloud design approach allows banks to quickly scale their processing capability up or down in response to changing consumer demands. As you enter more markets and offer new products and services, you may experience an influx of new leads and customers. The cloud gives you the flexibility to accommodate this surge, preventing a slowdown in your service.

Data Management and Analysis

Data Security and Compliance

Data security is a top concern for the industry since they’re handling the finances and sensitive information of millions of accounts. Cloud computing equips your network infrastructure with tools that detect new risks and vulnerabilities, strengthening your system against hackers and phishers.

Virtualized infrastructures are also protected by enhanced security measures, including advanced firewalls, intrusion detection, and end-to-end encryption. These ensure that your data is protected while making it easily accessible to end-users and employees.

Cloud computing and SDN also help financial firms meet regulatory requirements. These IT solutions give you the ability to conduct risk calculations, mine surveillance data, and detect fraud issues.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Financial Institutions

Lumos Consulting offers cloud and SDN consulting services for banks and other financial firms, giving you the scalability and agility to adopt new industry strategies. We’ll help you design and deploy a virtualized network that meets your IT needs and goals.

We provide banks with IT consulting services to determine how you can integrate virtualization in your current infrastructure, elevating the capabilities of your data center. Lumos will help you migrate your hardware and software resources to the cloud, so you can access them remotely.

We also hold on-site workshops and online training courses on Cisco ACI Architecture.