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Network Management for Small Businesses.

Lumos helps small businesses thrive through comprehensive network management services. These services improve network security and avoid network disruptions, boosting your overall productivity.

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Network Management Services for Businesses

No business can survive without information technology. But even though IT is generally built to automate tedious processes and increase operational productivity, you still have to choose and manage the right technology. Network management, therefore, helps you facilitate network processes and policies.

Lumos assists with the security and stability of small business operations through network management.

This type of service encompasses all switches, routers, access points, and wireless controllers that are part of your business data and IT network. By being the central system of all these elements, network management makes it easier for you to identify best practices and implement new business trends.

A proactively managed network also contributes to the accelerated growth of small businesses. Contact us today and let’s discuss how it can help you.

What Are the Essential Components of Network Management?

Network management encompasses a wide range of components that make up your data network. It involves different types of software and hardware that maintain high network performance and security.

Lumos identifies the main components of network management that would keep your network running at full capacity in the long run. These are the components we help manage for small businesses:


Network Administration

This component takes charge of switches, routers, and servers that maintain connectivity within your network. It also involves routine performance monitoring and software updates.


Network Maintenance

This component refers to all network resource repairs and upgrades that are necessary for smooth business operations. This could mean replacing network gear and software, too.


Network Operation

This component is all about making sure your data network remains functional. Related tasks primarily involves network monitoring, issue identification, and issue remediation.


Network Provisioning

This component supports the addition of voice functions, the accommodation of additional network users, and other types of support related to network resource configuration.


Network Security

This component encompasses all hardware and software technologies that protect the integrity of your network. It’s your first line of defense against digital security breaches.

Which Types of Network Management Help Small Businesses?

Network management is a multifaceted system that, when properly implemented, helps you maintain consistent business operations. It could also open the doors to greater business opportunities.

Lumos lists down five types of network management that could be effective for small businesses.

infrastructure information technology solutions

Fault Management

Fault management is often considered the most fundamental part of network management because it addresses the everyday operations of your entire infrastructure.

strategic IT advisory services

Configuration Management

This type of network management goes beyond the setup and management of network routers, switches, and servers. It tracks and addresses configuration adjustments, too.

SDN switching

Accounting Management

Make bookkeeping more manageable by setting up an accounting management system that tracks all network utilization information from your different business departments.

strategic IT advisory services

Performance Management

Maintain praiseworthy service levels through performance management. It uses metrics like network traffic, network response times, and link utilization to improve operations.

SDN switching

Security Management

This type of network management involves network authentication, firewall configuration, intrusion detection, and other functions that protect the overall security of your network.

Tell us about your network management plans. We’ll make them happen for your small business.