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About Us.

Lumos Consulting provides IT solutions to multiple industries, helping clients reduce network complexity and switch to more efficient processes.

About lumos

Our Story

Founded in 2012 in Dublin, California, Lumos Consulting is born from the vision to simplify the growing complexity of data center technologies. The name “lumos” is derived from the Latin word “lumen,” which means light. Lumos reflects our company’s mission to illuminate the evolution of cloud architecture.

With a goal to help people understand data center innovations, Lumos focused on education when it first started. We eventually expanded to consulting services to guide clients in developing and managing their IT infrastructure.

Our People and Partnerships

Jason Banker

Matt Locknane

Cuong Tran

Cuong Tran

Thuy Phan

Thuy Phan

The Lumos executive team has decades of experience in data center technologies, providing educational services that enable real-world deployments. Our founder has worked inside Cisco’s Data Center innovation business unit, which created the Storage Area Networks (MDS), Unified Computing System, and Software-Defined Networks (Nexus/ACI).

Lumos partners with various technological companies for integration, including VMware, Microsoft, AWS, F5, Palo Alto, EMC, Splunk, Service NOW, and many more.

We work closely within Cisco’s Data Center team to provide strategic direction on designing, implementing, and operating data centers and cloud-based networks.

For many of our customers, Lumos has become the technology advisors to facilitate their critical IT requirements and scale their business applications.

Our Promise

Our team of experienced and dedicated system architects is here to help you with a fundamental shift in processes, from a traditional IT infrastructure to a modern, agile solution. Our services focus on equipping organizations with the tools, skills, and knowledge that will enable you to leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

Lumos helps you untangle network complexities to simplify the different functions of your company, resulting in a more efficient and productive business model.