Modernize your IT infrastructure and simplify deployment with Lumos.

Who We Serve.

Lumos Consulting offers IT solutions to multiple industries, such as healthcare, government, and more, helping establish more efficient networks.

A trusted IT consulting firm in California, Lumos Consulting offers strategic direction in the development of your network infrastructure. We help determine the best IT solution for your organization, maximizing your network performance and data center capabilities.

Lumos serves multiple industries, helping build an infrastructure that lets you overcome your tech challenges.

We’ll guide your seamless shift from a traditional IT setup to an efficient network infrastructure, from assessment and design, to migration and implementation.

Whether your goal is cost-effectiveness, scalability, or efficiency, Lumos will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to leverage the benefits of a robust network infrastructure.

We cater to the following industries:


SDN solutions can meet the demands of enterprises.


Revolutionize patient care with better access.


Switch to faster, more cost-efficient processes.

Legal Firms

SDN solutions can meet the demands of enterprises.


Network architecture for your financial services.


Efficiency of your operations meet massive global growth.


Provide the highest standard of education.