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Government Agencies.

Lumos Consulting offers network infrastructure consulting to government agencies, helping them create efficient, cost-effective processes to serve the public.

IT Consulting Services for Government

Government agencies can improve public service and governance with cloud-enabled IT solutions and infrastructure consulting, helping you reduce costs and boost organization productivity.

Government agencies struggle with a variety of IT challenges, including outdated hardware, data center overload, and slow-processing infrastructures. All these problems stem from one root: the inefficiency of legacy systems.

Outdated or legacy systems are incompatible with newer technology, making it difficult for government units to upgrade to faster, more reliable software and hardware. Plus, many states spend most of their IT budget on maintaining their existing systems, leaving little opportunity to invest in better solutions.

Cloud computing presents an IT solution for government agencies that may reduce costs. A virtualized network, for example, eliminates the need for more hardware. It also allows automation, reducing operational costs by shifting configuration concerns from people to technology. What’s more, with the government and other agencies in the public sector receiving IT consultancy services, the consulting company takes care of tech-related issues so officials can focus on their roles and functions.

Automated Accounting Functions

Lower Capital and Operating Costs

Software-defined networking, on the other hand, gives you better IT consolidation, which means you can run your data center more efficiently using just a few resources. You can also virtualize your hardware and software assets and manage them from the cloud. This means you spend less on additional servers and hardware, freeing you from budget constraints.

A virtualized infrastructure gives you scalability as well. Traditional systems rely heavily on hardware, which has a limited capacity and processing power. Plus, servers are harder to upgrade since you have to manually replace a component or the whole unit each time.

On the other hand, you can easily scale a cloud-enabled network to meet the current IT needs of your organization. The internet gives you an expandable storage and enough bandwidth to accommodate load surges.

Data Management and Analysis

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

An SDN-enabled cloud data center can automate certain functions, such as updates, security checks, and other regular procedures. This frees your IT staff, letting them focus on more pressing issues, which increases your productivity.

Collaboration is also easier on cloud architecture. You can migrate your files onto the cloud to make them readily available, allowing employees to access documents from anywhere. The cloud is also accessible to multiple users at the same time, so they can work on a single task simultaneously. This collaboration can help create more efficient processes, which is critical for government units.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Government

As a trusted cloud consultancy firm, Lumos Consulting offers high-performing IT solutions for state and local government agencies. We’ll help you design, develop, and deploy a software-defined infrastructure that’s tailored for the needs of your organization.

We provide Network Infrastructure Consulting, Network Switching, Network Management, and Network Virtualization. These services create virtual versions of your hardware and software resources, so you can transfer them onto your cloud data center.

Lumos provides cloud and SDN consulting services for government units, helping you design a virtualized infrastructure that meets your network needs. We also offer Cisco ACI Architecture workshops and online courses, so your IT teams master networking technology.