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Training Workshop.

Lumos Consulting holds Cisco ACI Architecture workshops for cloud architects, giving you the knowledge and skills necessary to build full-stack infrastructures.

Instructor-Led Cisco ACI Training Workshops

Led by seasoned IT experts, our intensive workshops help you gain a better understanding of Cisco ACI technologies and solutions. Our ACI Architecture workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop, deploy, and maintain a full-stack cloud-based network infrastructure.

Lumos Consulting holds multiple sessions on various subjects related to Cisco ACI, from data center to fabric topologies. We offer beginner to advanced courses, tailored for different levels of expertise as well as professional goals.

Our instructor-led Cisco ACI trainings take a hands-on approach. The lab activities exceed lectures to give you the practical knowledge you need to implement cloud-based infrastructures in your network.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll receive feedback from your instructors and insights from your fellow students, creating a collaborative learning environment.

Gain a better understanding of cloud-based infrastructure with Cisco’s ACI design workshop.

On-Site Workshops
MDS 2-Day Workshop


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Online Training
DCNDOPS: 2-Day Nexus Dashboard


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DCACIM – Cisco ACI 2 Day Multi-Fabric Specialist Boot Camp


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Online Training
Cisco ACI 5 Day Field Engineer & Operations Course


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cisco aci workshop

ACI Workshops

Lumos holds ACI Architecture workshops discussing different topics, tailored for different audiences. We will be hosting different courses in the coming months, including the following:

  • Cisco ACI for Network Engineers
  • Driving Your Data Center with Python and ACI
  • Cisco Cloud Center Training
  • Cisco ACI Fundamentals Boot Camp
  • Cisco ACI Advanced Boot Camp
  • Cisco ACI Multi-Fabric Specialist Boot Camp
  • Cisco ACI Field Engineer Course
cisco aci architecture workshop

Who can Join

Our workshops are open to those who plan to sell, implement, or manage Cisco ACI solutions. Lumos designs curricula for network and data center architects, server administrators, application developers and security engineers, virtualization administrators, network architects, systems engineers, field engineers, and DevOps engineers.

We also collaborate with value-added resellers (VAR) who aim to provide worthwhile solutions to their clients.

Lumos works with anyone who has a basic understanding of networking. Our Cisco ACI workshops will help you improve the efficiency of your data center or fortify your credentials.

cisco aci workshop for cloud architects

What to Expect

By the end of the ACI workshop course, you’ll overcome the challenges that come with traditional data center infrastructure design through ACI. Through improved data center capabilities, you’ll be able to reduce network complexities, automate IT tasks, and even reduce operating costs. Cloud computing and virtualization give you the flexibility you need to scale your network up or down, depending on the current needs of your company. All of these and more you’ll learn from the Cisco ACI design networking workshop.