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Streamline Data Center Management with Nexus Dashboard.

Lumos Consulting, Inc. offers organizations the benefits of a centralized management console with the Cisco Nexus Dashboard.

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What is Nexus Dashboard?

At a time when digital transformation is at an all-time high, businesses tend to generate huge amounts of data, and require complex and ever-growing network infrastructure. With plenty of services needed to manage data centers, monitoring and moving through various applications have become increasingly difficult.

In short, an organization’s IT staff needs to deal with screen sprawl to keep up with digital transformation.

Cisco’s Day 2 Operations program helps solve these unique challenges through the Nexus Dashboard. As a centralized management console, the Nexus Dashboard allows organizations’ network operators to access all the applications needed for managing the network, all from a single launch point.

The Cisco Nexus Dashboard also unifies fragmented operational tools. A data center’s dashboard provides access to Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator for extended connectivity, Cisco Nexus Insights for proactive configuration of issues, and integration for third-party tools.

The Benefits of Nexus Dashboard



The Nexus Dashboard features customizable role-based user interface, including admin view and operator view. It also features single sign-on and console for network health monitoring for seamless UX across different operation services.



The Nexus Dashboard includes operations that ensure high-availability and have flexible deployment options across multi-cloud and on-premises networks.


Easy to maintain

With the Nexus Dashboard, you can onboard and manage operational services across different environments, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud and hybrid environments. This allows for seamless integration and management of built-in operational services and third-party applications alike.

What to Expect

With the Cisco Nexus Dashboard, your organization can simplify your data operations. As an intuitive and centralized management console, the dashboard allows users to change, scale, and troubleshoot cloud environments.

In addition, you can expect the following from the Nexus Dashboard:

infrastructure information technology solutions

Better experience

Consistent and straightforward UX in a single screen allows Nexus Dashboard users to take advantage of powerful operations capabilities of different applications without sacrificing functionality.

strategic IT advisory services

Increase in both savings and revenue

The Nexus Dashboard helps reduce the total cost of ownership of networks by providing uniform operations infrastructure and reducing screen sprawl across data centers. This leads to a boost in productivity, which then results in an increase in cost savings, as well as revenue.

SDN switching

Ensure business continuity

The Nexus Dashboard makes it easy to monitor the health of various applications needed to manage a network. As such, it’s also easier to identify and resolve issues that may affect different applications and ensure the least impact on business operations.

strategic IT advisory services

Nexus Dashboard Installation

A Cisco Nexus Dashboard is required for hosting and installing the application. Installing the server requires:

  • Careful site planning and configuration
  • Adequate safe space around the server for airflow
  • Air-conditioning that meets the thermal requirements
  • A cabinet or a rack that meets the requirements
  • Uninterruptible power supply to protect the server against power failures.

Full installation instructions come with the server, including how to install it in a rack, manage the cables, and connecting the servers for setup.

With the Cisco Nexus Dashboard as your organization’s data center platform, real time analytics, visibility, and repair for network infrastructure are more streamlined than ever.