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Cisco® Network Insights Advisor (NIA) Application.

Lumos features Cisco® Network Insights Advisor as an agile and reliable system management application. It lets you grow and monitor your data center network remotely. It also lets you pinpoint potential issues before they affect your network’s operational efficiency. Learn more about it today.

ACI Deployment

What Cisco® Network Insights Advisor Does

Data center network management goes beyond looking after your existing network. It should also contribute to your network’s growth in terms of scale and complexity. This starts with issues resolution.

Be aware of the components that cause downtime and of what you can change to improve operational efficiency. Lumos introduces an easy way to look after your data center: Cisco® Network Insights Advisor.

The Cisco® Network Insights Advisor application thoroughly scans your data center and provides recommendations about maintaining network availability. The application checks whether all devices within your network are running on updated software versions. It also informs you about any existing or potential issues with your hardware and software.

The NIA application takes it one step further with the Flow-State Validator feature. It detects and isolates problematic nodes within your network. It also suggests actionable remediation steps based on Cisco® best practices. So, you can quickly address these issues without affecting the rest of the network.

Additionally, NIA constantly updates all relevant network-related information through the Cisco® Cloud.

Cisco® Network Insights Advisor runs on a three-year subscription license. Contact a Lumos representative to help you set up the application or renew the license.

ACI Deployment

How Your Business Benefits from Cisco® Network Insights Advisor

The Cisco® Network Insights Advisor application helps your data center network prevent unscheduled outages. It gives you enough lead time to plan for upgrades and replacements by:

  • Sending proactive notifications about critical bugs and security advisories
  • Providing timely end-of-life and end-of-support announcements
  • Recommending software and hardware upgrades based on your platforms

Additionally, you gain instant visibility of all security advisories. So, you can quickly take necessary action to remain in compliance and maintain your network’s security.

The NIA application also speeds up your troubleshooting efforts by collecting all significant data that you need for Cisco® Technical Assistance Center service requests. As a result, your troubleshooting efforts don’t affect your deployment processes.

The application is available for use on the Cisco® ACI fabric/APIC appliance and the Cisco® NX-OS/Data Center Network Manager platforms. Talk to a Lumos representative for more information.

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Lumos supports the growth and expansion of your data center network through the Cisco® Network Insights Advisor application. This application helps you look after the efficiency of all devices within your network from a remote location.  As a result, you minimize downtime and boost your team’s productivity.

On a related note, you can count on the application to send alerts about potential network issues so you can address them before they get worse.

Get in touch with a Lumos representative to walk you through the Cisco® NIA application. As a third-party extension of your business, we make sure our products work fully to your benefit and have high ROI.