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Legal Practices.

Lumos Consulting offers network consulting services for legal firms, helping clients cope better with the increased volume & complexity of data they get.

IT Consulting Services for Legal Firms

Manage increased data volume and complexity with IT consulting services, allowing your legal firm to determine the best network that lets you securely access and control information anytime, anywhere.

Multiple studies reveal that the number one challenge many lawyers face today is data management, in particular, the ever-increasing volume of information and introduction of new technologies.

Some legal tools enable lawyers and paralegals to organize case files by recipient, date, and type. Others allow tracking of billable time, client management, and invoicing. But with thousands of documents coming in each day, from multiple sources and in different formats, legal firms must rethink the way they deal with data. A legal IT consulting firm can help with that endeavor.

Software-defined networking offers legal firms a data management solution that improves control, efficiency, and security. But it cannot be denied that new IT solutions can be costly and confusing for many law firms. This is where network infrastructure consulting services might be of help. Technology consulting gives legal practices access to expert IT infrastructure knowledge, allowing them to make better decisions.

Automated Accounting Functions

Efficient Data Management

Integrated within a cloud network, SDN lets you consolidate all the software you use for discovery and litigation in a single management platform. All the information you receive from these programs go straight to your cloud storage. You can enable automated sorting capabilities to immediately deduplicate and organize your documents, at the courthouse or at a precinct.

The cloud is readily available to everyone on the team, so they can access what they need anytime, anywhere.

Case legal, which can be difficult to find, also becomes accessible through a few clicks.

The accessibility and ease of a cloud network offers also lets you develop a more efficient discovery process, giving you actionable information on all your cases.

Data Management and Analysis

Maintain Security

All files stored in cloud systems benefit from enhanced levels of security. Apart from typical credentials like passwords, cloud storage is protected by advanced firewalls, intrusion detection, and end-to-end encryption.

With advanced technology, SDN-enabled cloud infrastructures for legal firms combine accessibility and security. Its architecture ensures users can quickly access files they need without leaving the system vulnerable to threats.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Network Infrastructure Consulting for Legal Firms

A trusted IT consultant of legal firms, Lumos Consulting provides strategic direction in designing and implementing virtualized networks. We’ll assess your current traffic pattern and communication paths to determine how cloud computing and SDN can improve your infrastructure.

Lumos helps your legal firm design a network that’s tailored for your processes and challenges.

We’ll help you migrate your software and hardware assets to the cloud through our services: Network Infrastructure Consulting, Network Switching, Network Management, and Network Virtualization.

We offer workshops and online courses on Cisco ACI Architecture as well as SDN consulting services.