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Cisco Nexus Insights for Data Centers.

Lumos Consulting offers Cisco Nexus Insights for automated troubleshooting, proactive monitoring and better resource utilization for your data center.

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What is Nexus Insights?

Your data center is an important feature of your organization. It holds most of your critical applications and data that help you run your business smoother and more efficiently. Imagine the repercussions of having your data center suddenly crash on you.

You don’t have to deal with that scenario if you have Nexus Insights for your data center.

Nexus Insights offers a thorough solution for better management of Day 2 operations in your networks. With this feature, you can easily gain a comprehensive understanding of what your network does, how you’re using it and how it responds to new loads and demands when you introduce business processes.

Its algorithms are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Advanced alerting
  • Baselining
  • Correlation
  • Forecasting

Each one aims to give you a better understanding of how your network behaves through telemetry data gathered from networking and compute components.

This allows you to better manage and maintain your networks through automated troubleshooting, early detection of issues and rapid root cause analysis. It also helps you comply with service level agreement requirements for your end-users.

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Nexus Insights Features

Nexus Insights offers a multitude of components in its data sheet that allow you to manage your network in real-time:

  1. Multi-fabric Support

A single application of Nexus Insights can help you easily monitor, maintain and troubleshoot multiple data centers.

  1. Flow Analytics

The automation of root-cause analysis of any data plane anomalies helps cut down your troubleshooting time.

  1. AppDynamics

Your operational silos between the network and server networks are broken down so you gain easy visibility across domains.

  1. Flow-State Validator

Ensure consistency with your software and hardware programming across traffic paths and between endpoints.

  1. Time-Series Database

Past sequence of events can help you maintain your networks in the present. This allows you to look back and provide invaluable insight.

There are many more features that Nexus Insights offer, such as microburst detection, anomaly analysis and multicast control plane. Talk to a Lumos representative today to learn more about Nexus Insights’ features and how it could help your organization.

The Benefits of Nexus Insights

Cloud infrastructure can be categorized into three parts, namely:


Automate Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your network can certainly take up a bulk of your time — time that you could easily use for more important tasks. With Nexus Insights, you can minimize this time and even gain faster visibility on their root causes.


Proactive Monitoring

Fabric health monitoring and anomaly detection are critical tasks so you could easily predict and handle network issues even before they arise. Nexus Insights empowers your team by helping them to keep an eye on your system at all times.


Increase Speed and Agility

Gain better resource utilization and capacity planning with Nexus Insights’ ability to collect and process telemetry data.

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Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Nexus Insights

The Nexus Dashboard was created as the central management console and hosting platform for data center sites and data center operation applications, like Nexus Insights. Its centralized nature aids in reducing infrastructure overhead when running multiple applications.

Working together, these two components can help you manage your networks and data centers in a much more effective manner.

Find out how Nexus Insights can help your organization. Contact a Lumos representative today.