If your medium sized business struggles with managing your company’s information technology, equipment, and programs, you’re not alone. Unless you have a dedicated team of technology experts to manage your enterprise’s IT business solutions, it’s easy to lose track of how you want things to run. Once this happens, it has an immediate impact on your business operations and ends up creating more work for your team. 

By implementing the right business IT solutions in your company, you’ll be able to streamline your information management and make it easy for your employees across each department to maximize their productivity. 

Here are a few of the best IT solutions for small and medium business!

2020’s Greatest IT Solutions

Cloud-Based Storage

If you’re still relying on paper files and filing cabinets to manage information for your company, you’re only making things harder on yourself. Finding the information you need when you need it can take hours and it’s common to misplace documents or misfile them several times each year. 

Cloud-based storage solutions make it easy to keep track of all of your company’s information in one place. It’s accessible from any internet-enabled device and frees up space in your office, helping you ditch those oversized filing cabinets once and for all. 

Even better, the files in the cloud are searchable with a few keystrokes. You’ll spare yourself the time and frustration of thumbing through file after file.

Transparent Processes

Your company’s software fits the needs you have when it’s installed, but what happens when your business grows and those needs change? How can you analyze the weak points in the programs that you rely on so you can make the necessary improvements to streamline your company’s operations? 

Modern IT business solutions help you make your software and tech processes more transparent so your IT experts can analyze how things need to change. When they’re able to view software failures or shortcomings in real-time, they’re better equipped to make changes on demand to keep things running smoothly.

Approachable Training

For companies looking to streamline their small IT solutions, the biggest holdup they face is a lack of training. Information technology is complicated at best and, unless your team is well-versed in the intricacies of the types of systems you use in your company, understanding what’s going on at all times is impossible. 

When you work with an experienced IT business solutions consultant, you’ll be able to develop training and information that’s accessible to the entirety of your team. This allows more people to utilize the systems you have in place more effectively, further boosting productivity.


Gone are the days when you had to hire employees to perform every single task you have for your business. Computers make a lot of those positions redundant, but you need to make a plan for automation within your existing IT solutions. Work with a consultant to determine which parts of your business are best left to computers and which aspects need human oversight. 

When you automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks that don’t require a human touch, you’ll increase productivity and streamline your company while also decreasing your overhead expenses every month. Keep in mind that automation takes time and it may not be a simple process. Be patient while implementing those changes and your business will grow.

Autonomous Device Integration

Just as computers can take over more of the tedious processes, devices like drones and custom-designed robots and equipment can help your company expand without forcing you to take on additional employees. These devices integrate into your existing operating structure and can even simplify the lives of your employees, making it easy for them to maximize their time and production. 

Look for ways to allocate drones and equipment to tasks that your team can’t handle to scale or doesn’t have the time to take on themselves. This will reduce your total overhead while still letting you focus on the long-term growth and scalability of your manufacturing process.

Improved Network Security

Computer automation and reliance on software for complex business processes is the hallmark of small IT solutions, but it does come with different risks. As part of your IT management routine, you’ll want to invest in improved network security and find innovative solutions to deal with emerging threats. Keeping your company’s information secure is the best way to ensure that your brand withstands the test of time and technological innovation.


Identify the Needs of Your Businesses

Every company’s needs vary and can change over the course of the year. The best way to identify the right IT software solution for business is to work with a dedicated consultant and let them identify the parts of your operation that could use improvements.

They’ll help you find methods to eradicate pain points and streamline your company without taxing your operating budget. Don’t wait. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.