IT solutions for the education industry are ever-changing and schools are starting to use them to completely transform the way students learn. With advanced technology becoming more widely available, schools and teachers are able to introduce their students to different learning methods every year. Though the needs of each school will vary, some advancements can benefit all schools and students regardless of age or location. If you’re looking for ways to add technology to the classroom without creating a disruption for educators, know that it’s possible. You just have to implement the right types of technology. 

5 Innovative IT Solutions for the Education Industry

Schools and teachers can use these great education technology solutions to streamline their curriculums and improve their students’ experiences. Here are some of the leading higher education technology solutions making waves right now.

  1. Cloud-Based Assignment Management

Teachers and administrators alike are used to hearing the dreaded phrase “I lost my homework,” coming from students’ mouths. While it’s easy to blame students for forgetting their assignments at home, accidents happen all the time. Even well-meaning students make mistakes!

Schools are starting to embrace the cloud to make accessing assignments and submitting work far easier for both students and teachers alike. The cloud makes it easy for students to access everything from lectures and class notes to assignment guidelines. They can even submit work directly to the teacher through the cloud to eliminate risk of late work or lost assignments.

The only issue is making sure each student has access to an internet-enabled computer or device on a regular basis. Schools who successfully implement cloud-based content management and learning opportunities often find ways to provide students with computers or tablets.

  1. 3-D Printing

Teachers used to have to rely on handmade models or order expensive kits to give students hands-on opportunities or visuals to help master difficult concepts. With modern 3-D printers, teachers and students alike can create models with the push of a button. 

It gives students access to technology and programs that teach them real-world design skills and set them up for success in science and technology disciplines. When the time comes for them to transition to higher education, they’ll already be familiar with the current higher education technology solutions. 

  1. Machine Learning 

Teachers and educators work well past the end of the students’ school day. One of the biggest challenges they face is grading countless papers, handouts, tests, and assignments in between planning lessons. Machine learning and improvements with artificial intelligence are helping teachers save time and giving them the chance to focus more on students’ needs. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence start to learn students’ needs and can assess curriculum performance in a matter of seconds. This gives teachers’ real-time insight into their students struggles and allows them to better tailor their lesson plans to address areas that the class isn’t understanding clearly. While it’s not a substitute for grading by hand, it’s a great way for educators to save time grading standardized tests and simple multiple-choice assignments quickly. 

  1. Virtual Reality Modules

Field trips are increasingly hard to fit into tight schedules and are too expensive for many rural schools. Using virtual reality modules provides schools with a unique way to let students experience far-away places without leaving the classroom. Teachers can give their students the opportunity to tour the world’s top museums or see historic sites. 

Virtual reality technology is perhaps most useful for elementary and high school teachers looking for higher education technology solutions to enrich their curriculums. The equipment is expensive. But if the school has the budget for it, virtual reality can transform students’ thoughts and give them a way to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t.

  1. Digital Textbooks

The cost of printing is rapidly influencing the price of textbooks. Digital solutions like downloadable textbooks, eBooks, and PDF files make traditional textbooks unnecessary. Best of all, the digital books work on any internet-enabled device and give students the ability to access information outside the classroom. In higher education settings, digital books are far more affordable and give students an opportunity to save money every semester. 

IT Solutions Are Changing Education

Education and technology go hand in hand and the demand for quality IT solutions for the education industry is only going to increase. The best way to bring your school, community college, or university into the modern age is to embrace new devices and use technology in the classroom every day.

By doing so, you’ll give students the opportunity to use technology first hand and see the way it improves the quality of their learning experience. However, the more technology that gets integrated into your curriculum, the more you’ll need an experienced IT department to help you troubleshoot issues before they disrupt your day. Register for a workshop and let our team help you simplify your institution’s IT infrastructure.